The Object of the U3A is the advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.


    Alcester U3A pursues an equal opportunities policy and as far as it is within their power to do so, provide equality of treatment to any person in their third age regardless of:

    • Educational background.Sex (including gender reassignment).

    • Marital status (including civil partnership status).

    • Sexual orientation.

    • Race or racial group (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins).

    • Religion or belief.

    • Disability.

    • Social status



    Alcester U3A strives to achieve a membership which reflects the composition of the community they serve and is committed to the furtherance of fair treatment and the absence of discrimination in all its activities and all contact and communication with external organisations and members of the general public.

    If any member of Alcester U3A feels they have been discriminated against by the Alcester U3A or harassed at an Alcester U3A event, they should follow the Complaints Procedure below.




    Alcester U3A, which is a fully paid up member of the Third Age Trust, has the benefit of the nationally provided Public & Products Liability Insurance cover.


    Non-members taking part in Alcester U3A theatre trips or outings will be regarded as temporary members for the duration of the activity.

    Carers are covered by the Insurance Policy.


    Children are not allowed to take part in Alcester U3A activities, nor attend meetings. They require extra legal protection, not covered by U3A Public Liability Insurance.

    Paid tutors / speakers must have their own insurance policy.

    U3A property in members’ homes is covered, so long as reasonable care is taken to avoid loss / damage.





    Personal Contact Details:

    By becoming a member, a person enters into a contractual agreement with Alcester U3A. The provision of names and contact details is part of this contract.

    These details will be held by the Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Newsletter editor, and may be accessed by a Group Leader or any member of the Committee as required in order to contact members for specific U3A purposes.

    We are also required to provide names and addresses of members to the Third Age Trust for insurance purposes.

    Every reasonable effort will be taken to ensure the security of the information.


    Gift Aid Information:

    No personal financial information is recorded.


    Photographs constitute personal data and consent will need to be obtained for both taking and displaying photographs of the membership. Where group photographs are being taken it is sufficient for you to ask any members of the group who don't wish to be in the photograph to move out of shot.




    (This will be published soon)




    If a member of Alcester U3A feels they have been discriminated against by Alcester U3A or harassed at an Alcester U3A event they should raise the issue with a member of the Committee.

    The Committee will

    • establish the facts quickly, consulting as many people as possible

    • have an informal discussion with all concerned to summarise the problem, hear everybody’s views and clear the air.

    If it is felt that there is a case to answer, but it is a minor issue, it should be made clear that no repetition of the action / behaviour will be tolerated.

    If it is felt that the case requires a more formal approach, U3A Guidance will be followed.

    If the complaint is against a member of the Committee, that member will not be part of the procedure.